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On Wednesday April 7, 2021, the Belchertown Water District held a Pre-Construction meeting to kick off The Park Street Elevated Storage Replacement Project. The sequence of construction for the project is such that the Existing Tank will be removed from service and demolished to clear space on the parcel behind the Belchertown United Church of Christ (18 Park Street). Because the existing tank and its available storage will be removed with the Tank demolition, the Water District may need to enforce a Water Ban on the existing distribution system for the remainder of this calendar year to limit water usage within the system until the new Elevated Storage Tank is constructed, painted, disinfected and placed in service in the Spring of 2022.

The Water District will be updating the residents within the distribution system as construction begins in late April of 2021 and the removal of the existing storage tank occurs. Once the tank is disconnected from the system and demolished, the Water Ban will begin. This is expected in late May 2021. After the demolition, the residents will be updated routinely on the progress of the project and the construction of the New Elevated Storage Tank which is expected to begin at the end of the Summer 2021. Once the tank is constructed, painting of the interior and exterior elements of the tank will be completed. Once the painting is completed, the tank will be disinfected and samples will be taken. Once the Tank samples pass, the Tank can be filled and placed in service. This is expected late in the Spring of 2022. The project will be complete by June 30, 2022.